Application of pre-registration technology in gravure printing presses

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Application of pre-registration technology in gravure printing presses

Application of pre-registration technology in gravure printing presses

In the past few years, with the customer's requirement that the printing machine not only has small material loss, but also has high working efficiency, Shunde Deli Printing Machine Company, as an outstanding representative of the domestic gravure printing machine manufacturing industry, has never stopped the pace of technological innovation, after more than 2 years of research and development, so that the pre-registration technology is successfully applied to gravure printing machine, pre-registration technology represents the future development direction of the printing industry will be more widely used. The following I will introduce the application of pre-registration technology in gravure printing machine.


Concept of pre-registration technique:

First of all, I want to explain the concept of "pre-registration", so what is "pre-registration"? We believe that the first printing material is not stretched, pre-loading plate, automatic pre-alignment, open horizontal alignment, longitudinal addressing can play automatic speed up register.


Pre-registration technology is used in gravure printing presses with the following operating procedures:

1. The printing material is not stretched.

2. When replacing the plate roller, use the pre-assembled plate scale to align the plate according to the overprint mark on the plate roller.

3. Adjust the rollers with scale before registering, and adjust them according to the equipment manufacturer's requirements.

4. Multi-color printing embossing roller perimeter to ensure the same, it is best to install the manufacturer's requirements specifications rubber roller. Before the automatic pre-page alignment, enter the exact perimeter of the plate.

5. Automatic speed up before registering before the first horizontal alignment, vertical addressing.


Advantages (features) of pre-registration technology when applied to gravure presses:

1. There is almost no change in the material length when the embossing roller is clutched in the large and small version printing, so the scrap is less and the automatic register is fast.

2. Each revolution of the registering motor, the material film change moving distance is 1mm/sec, the registering computer program calculates fast, the filament moves up and down the material length without error, the automatic registering time is short, less waste.

3. Shaftless plate loading box clutch gear modulus is small, the amount of change in the rotation of the plate is small, high precision, and the pre-loading plate scale is used to pre-align the plate quickly.

4. Pre-loading plate so that the opening process does not need to clutch the shaftless plate gear and the upper and lower clutch embossing roller for plate alignment, reducing auxiliary working hours, saving materials and improving work efficiency.

5. Automatic pre-pressing reduces the length of the material changed by the up and down ball screw during the longitudinal overprinting addressing process, which can be carried out without opening the printing machine, reducing the scrap of the initial overprinting and saving time.

6. The current printing market is developing in the direction of multiple varieties and small batches, and with the increasing number of short-run jobs (multiple plate changes per day), the pre-registered presses show their superiority. Basically, it will eliminate many small factories with narrow materials for first register printing, stopping the machine to check and then start the machine to connect the material for printing.


To sum up, it can be seen that the pre-register printing technology is a revolutionary technical measure for the printing industry, which is rapidly promoting the progress of gravure printing technology, reducing the production cost and improving the economic efficiency of printing enterprises. It has greatly improved the competitiveness of gravure printing technology in Deli. The development prospect is exceptionally broad. In the future practical application, as the users' understanding of this new technology continues to deepen and the market competition intensifies, the pre-registered gravure printing machine will become the best choice for flexible packaging users.