Never stop seeking, never stop, take the road of innovation and development

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Ltd. is a company that has won the praise of the outside world from the day it was founded, after only a few years of hard work. "5A" level "China Credit Enterprise Certification System Demonstration Unit"; won the title of "Guangdong Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise" for many times; for 8 consecutive years was named "In June 2010, Shunde District People's Government included it into Shunde District Quality Enterprise Growth Project (Dragon Project).

Never stop seeking, never stop, take the road of innovation and development

Never stop seeking, never stop, take the road of innovation and development


——The development status of Guangdong Shunde Deli Printing Machinery Co.


towering buildings are built up from the ground

There is such an enterprise, from the day it was founded, in just a few years of struggle, it has won the praise of the outside world.

Awarded "5A" grade "China Credit Enterprise Certification System Demonstration Unit" by China Internet News Center;

It has been awarded the title of "Guangdong Province Honest and Reliable Enterprise" for several times, and "Guangdong Province Honest and Reliable Enterprise" for eight consecutive years;

In June 2010, Shunde District People's Government included in the Shunde District Quality Enterprise Growth Project (Dragon Project), honored as the Shunde District Government Key Support Enterprises;

In August 2011, our products were awarded as "Famous and New Mechanical and Electrical Products" by China Machinery Industry Federation;

In September 2011, we were awarded the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand" ......

Such an enterprise, after 2 years of establishment, has passed the international ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification; less than 10 years after its establishment, it has already obtained 9 national patents!

These "miracles" happened in this fledgling but outstanding - Guangdong Shunde Deli Printing Machinery Co.

(hereinafter referred to as "Deli Printing Machine") is located in the center of the Pearl River Delta hinterland, which has been a rich and prosperous land with rich treasures and developed economy since ancient times, taking advantage of the reform and opening up, bearing the grace of the country's high expectations, and under the joint efforts of the government and people, it has lived up to the expectations and become the It has become the leader of China's county economic development and topped the list of 100 richest counties and cities for many years. Established in the 1950s, Deli Group has been engaged in machinery manufacturing. The company was formerly one of the four major groups in Shunde City, the predecessor of Guangdong Shunde Diesel Engine Factory is one of the top 500 largest enterprises in China's machinery industry. 1994 into a private enterprise, after more than 10 years of experience, the expansion of the development of a number of subsidiaries, with Guangdong Deli Diesel Engine Co. Ltd., "DeGuan Film", "DeGuan Lighting", "DeGuan New Materials", "DeGuan International "Ltd. is a private group company with annual sales volume of nearly 3 billion.

Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise of Shunde Deli Group, which is a manufacturer specializing in the production of complete sets of flexible packaging printing processing equipment such as medium and high-speed gravure printing, laminating, slitting, coating, rewinding and inspection, etc. with independent legal personality. From the day the company was founded, it quickly entered the role of flexible packaging machinery manufacturing by virtue of Deli's original advantages in machinery manufacturing. With the purpose of "providing customers with high quality and satisfactory products and services", we are striving for continuous innovation and development of our products. Adhering to the business philosophy of "winning by quality, mutual trust and mutual benefit", we position product development to take the road of learning, absorption, integration and innovation, and strive for continuous qualitative leap and improvement in register accuracy, printing speed, energy saving and environmental protection, stability and reliability, and appearance, to enhance the recognition of enterprises in the industry and enhance the recognition of users. The company firmly grasps the technical improvement of the products in the production and operation mode, firmly takes the road of high-end development, and through standardization and intensive production, faithfully provides customers with accurate, reliable, high-quality, cost-effective, high-speed, efficient and high-tech products.

Development is the hard truth, since its establishment in 2004, the company has focused on the professional manufacture of gravure printing machine and laminating machine. After several years of dedication, our products have been improving in printing speed, register accuracy, stability and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection. In terms of management, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification in August 2006. In order to meet the needs of the market, Deli has made great efforts in product development in recent years, in addition to taking into account the economic and practical needs of universal users, it also specifically caters to the needs of special users and designs high-grade production equipment with a humanized approach. In addition to the continuous development of high precision in the manufacturing of printing and laminating equipment, we have also launched a series of soft packaging production equipment such as computerized inspection machines, rewinding machines, series of slitting machines and coating machines. In the printing and packaging equipment manufacturing on a new level, for the domestic printing and packaging users to provide the "Made in Shunde" brand.

Blossom inside the wall and smell outside

Peace, development and cooperation are the trend of the world today. Since the reform and opening up, China has responded to the trend of economic globalization, continuously expanded its opening to the outside world, and actively engaged in economic and trade cooperation with other countries in the world on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. As the most active and important force in China's market economy, private enterprises have always had the advantage and characteristic of being the first, sharp and flexible. The success or failure of an enterprise is determined by whether it can follow the trend and take advantage of the situation to take a bold step towards reform.

"While actively exploring the domestic market, Deli Printing has spared no effort to "go global". At present, Deli has provided equipment and services for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Watson's, Wal-Mart, TESCO, Disney, Nike, Wuliangye, China Banknote Security, Jianlibao, Nongfushanquan, Epsom, Ebay, Danone, Haitian, Garinshan, Rizquan, Red Bull, Grape Fit, Bao Min Li, Le Cordon Bleu, Master Kong, Heinz, Hutchison Whampoa, Lee Kum Kee, Sealed Air, Jin Jia, Libai, Shasta, Willows, and other famous brands, Zhongshun Paper and other famous brand products to provide equipment and services. Our products are very popular in China, and "Deli Printing Machine" enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

The packaging printing equipment of "Deli Printing Machine" not only sells well in China, but also sells well overseas. Nowadays, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Jordan, Thailand, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Russia, Egypt, Hungary and other countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions have the products and equipment of Deli Printing Machine Company, which are well received and ordered again and again. It is worth mentioning that "Deli Printing Machine" can receive favor in Europe where the technology is advanced and the equipment is ahead of its time, and the users choose Deli Printing Machine from far and wide, not only because of the unbeatable high cost performance of "Made in China", but also because of "Deli printing machine" has been constantly developing and innovating, applying advanced technology, boldly trying to develop, thinking about what people have not thought of, taking the road not taken by previous people, moving the Europeans with simple and innovative wisdom and performance, attracting them to choose "Made in China".

We have been seeking for a long time, and we have been working tirelessly. Winning with quality, keeping trust and mutual benefit - this is "Deli Printing Machine". The reason why "Deli Printing Machine" can be "fragrant inside and outside", in addition to the consistent product quality, technological innovation, in order to enhance the confidence and satisfaction of customers to the company's products, so that they are repeatedly interested in the company's products, the company provides high-quality products at the same time, pay more attention to is after-sales service and technical support. The company proposes that when the contradiction between production and after-sales service occurs, production gives way to solve the urgent needs of customers first and create more value for customers, which is the goal of "Deli Printing Machine"!

The precious sword is sharpened from

Science and technology is the first productive force, and innovation is the only way for the enterprise to grow continuously. With the strong support from the group company, "Deli Printing Machine" insists on the development strategy of "science and technology as the guide, quality as the life, people-oriented, based on innovation", and has a team of more than 20 people with high quality technical reform and research. We attach importance to staff training, often invite experts in electrician, assembly and machining to give lectures and counseling, call on all staff to actively study advanced experience at home and abroad, and organize staff to watch relevant CD-ROMs. The Group has invested special R&D funds to enter the field of high-end gravure printing machines and coating machines, and has continuously developed a number of national patent technologies, such as gravure automatic color register printing machines with electronic shafts, wide-width coating and laminating machines, wide-width high-speed slitting machines, high-speed automatic computerized quality inspection machines, ultra-thick furniture panel printing machines, printing and laminating and coating machines, etc. Among them, the high-speed electronic shaft printing machines developed by independent innovation in 2007 are The "Deli" printing machine has reached and exceeded the advanced level of the same industry, and the company was awarded 9 national patents for the first time in 2009, and 10 more two years later. The "Slip-sleeve type (fish pole type) shaftless plate loading transmission mechanism", which was successfully developed and obtained the national invention patent, has solved the four major problems of high-speed electronic shaft gravure printing machine in China: firstly, it has eliminated the long-standing problem of flying ink during high-speed printing; secondly, the long-standing problems of flying ink and ink jammed in the shaftless plate loading system have been solved. The two major problems of flying ink and ink jamming in the shaftless plate loading system are finally solved; thirdly, the "gapless transmission plate loading device", which has obtained the national patent of utility model; fourthly, the "gear and spline shaft cooperation" on the traditional electronic shaft gravure printing machine is eliminated, and the gapless transmission is truly realized, which completely eliminates the above problems. Using this research technology, "DLYA Printing Machine" boldly designed and developed a high-precision electronic shaft gravure printing machine with no gap transmission - DLYA-D series electronic shaft gravure printing machine.

The research has successfully realized the stable operation of high-speed electronic shaft drive, developed a high-precision control system and color register system with independent intellectual property rights, and designed an innovative gapless drive plate loading device, a slip-sleeve plate loading top shaft and an adjustable oscillating squeegee. It realizes advanced functions such as high-precision pre-registration, fast correction of plate alignment error, real-time fast error correction, and computer program memory of pre-registration. It can be widely used for high-precision printing of BOPP, CPP, PET, PVC, PE and other films and thin rolls of paper, with fast running speed, high printing accuracy, good stability and other characteristics, and to effectively reduce the scrap rate, optimize the operating environment, in line with the development trend of green, energy saving and emission reduction. 2010 October 18, Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute according to the national standard GB5226.1-2008 and the ministry standard JB/T5431-2006 on this "high-precision gapless drive electronic shaft gravure printing machine (model DLYA81000D)" type test, the test results are all in line with the national and ministerial standards, and significantly better than JB/T5431-2006 standard, the performance indicators are up to JB/T5431-2006 standard. 2006 standard, the performance indicators have reached the domestic leading level. The successful development of this series of technology has improved the level of China's gravure printing machine development and manufacturing, effectively narrowing the gap between domestic electronic shaft gravure printing and similar foreign products, winning the praise of customers, further enhancing the market share of domestic brands, winning more economic benefits for enterprises, while also directing the industry to the direction of high technology, greener and more environmentally friendly development.

lit. one hundred foot pole is further along

We never stop seeking. This year, "Deli Printing Machine" has moved into a new plant, and many large precision machining centers have been put into use, so that the long-troubled production capacity problem has finally been solved. After solving the hardware facilities of the new plant, Deli has invested in the research and development of solvent-free laminating machine, and various professional coating machines as the priority development, and won the bid for the project of electrochemical aluminum coating machine of Puguang Technology Company under Wuliangye in 2008. coating machine, in 2011 for Fujian Jinjiang produced 2000mm wide coating machine and other equipment, and this year developed a five-roller coating production line for Dongguan Sanwen Optoelectronics, the company for Samsung and other companies to produce special films for touch screen on cell phones, the technical content and requirements are very high, the technical design department from the receipt of orders put in intense work, machining and assembly workshop is also working overtime, and now the equipment has been delivered to the customer is in the commissioning. This year, the company also purchased new design hardware and software for the technical department, so that they can better play their talents, and is currently working with Hangzhou, Shenzhen and many other enterprises to develop electric heating film production equipment, electric heating film, also known as geothermal film is a kind of translucent polyester film can be heated after the electricity, its production process is: the first conductive special ink printing coated in polyester film, and then the metal current-carrying strip hot pressed in the pre-painted insulating polyester film. The ink line in the middle of the film is the special conductive ink, is the core part of the electric heating film, equivalent to a lot of parallel resistance, can be energized to heat. The silver strip on both sides of the film is the metal current-carrying strip, which is used to connect the ink (resistance) and is equivalent to a wire. The main material of the metal current-carrying strip is copper tin-plated and silver paste. The electric heating film intelligent heating system is manufactured by advanced computer numerical control technology. When working, the electric heating film is used as the heating body, and the heat is sent into the space in the form of radiation, so that the human body and objects are warmed first, and its comprehensive effect is better than the traditional convection heating method. Since the electric heating film is a pure resistance circuit, its conversion efficiency is high, except for a small portion of loss (2%), the vast majority (98%) is converted into heat energy, because it is low temperature radiation heating, so people feel as warm and comfortable as under the sun, the air is fresh, there is no dry and stuffy feeling produced by the traditional heating system, it is a low energy consumption, low emission, low pollution based on low carbon heating method. Now the technical department has completed the preliminary design demonstration stage, and is drawing drawings. We believe that the equipment will be delivered to customers in the near future, contributing to green environment protection and low-carbon life.

With the continuous learning, absorption, integration, innovation and experimentation of talents from all over the company, we have made significant progress and system experience in development. As a domestic professional supplier, the advantages of "Deli Printing" have been accumulated and emerged: better service, shorter delivery time than imported products, more timely after-sales service, lower cost, full set of process and system training for users; higher cost performance; more accurate and timely grasp of market demand.