Quality as the core adhere to scientific and technological innovation to achieve leapfrog development

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To quality as the core adhere to scientific and technological innovation to achieve leapfrog development --- Guangdong Shunde Deli Printing Machinery Co. How to respond? (hereinafter referred to as "Deli Printing Machinery") carefully analyzes the situation, responds to the market requirements, examines the situation and strengthens its resilience. Instead of folding its sails in the adversity, the company has been able to make rapid progress, and its economic and social benefits have continued to grow. In just a few years, the production of printing and packaging

Quality as the core adhere to scientific and technological innovation to achieve leapfrog development

Quality as the core adhere to scientific and technological innovation to achieve leapfrog development

---Ltd. and the new factory housewarming


In the face of the global economic slowdown caused by the financial crisis, the packaging and printing industry has been hit by a certain impact, business is difficult, how should China's printing and packaging equipment and machinery manufacturing industry respond? (hereinafter referred to as "Deli Printing Machine") carefully analyzes the situation, responds to the market requirements, examines the situation and strengthens its resilience. Instead of folding its sails in the adversity, the company has been advancing, and its economic and social benefits have continued to grow. In just a few years the production of printing and packaging equipment sales cover more than twenty domestic provinces and autonomous regions and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Jordan, Russia, Hungary, Egypt, the Philippines ...... and more than ten countries and regions. Due to the internal strengthening of technology research and development, improve management efficiency, hard work, and external strengthening of cooperation with foreign enterprises to hire experts to guide. The company has become an A-class manufacturer of printing machine equipment under the national high-tech "Deli Group Company", "Famous New Electromechanical Products" of China Machinery Industry, "Famous Brand of Guangdong Province", and "Contract and Trustworthy Unit of Guangdong Province", Guangdong Province, "the contract and trustworthy unit" ....... For the rise of China's packaging and printing equipment has made due contribution to the national industry and played an obvious role as a model.


"Deli printer" is located in the center of the Pearl River Delta hinterland, mulberry base fish ponds of the township of fish and rice, the rich land of business and overseas Chinese. Being in the front line of reform and opening up, and more to get the first trend, the people work hard, the government is clean, this piece of land Deng Gong had high hopes to live up to the expectations and even beyond the imagination of the top of the list of 100 rich counties and cities for many years. De Li Group of companies engaged in machinery manufacturing for more than 50 years, as early as in the eighties has been one of the four major groups of state-owned industries in Shunde, converted to private enterprises in 1994, after more than ten years of expansion and development, now has: Guangdong De Li Diesel Engine Co, "Ltd, It is a private group company with annual sales of nearly 3 billion yuan.


Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise of Deli Group, with independent legal personality, specializing in the production of high-end gravure printing machines, laminators, slitting machines, coating machines, rewinding and inspection machines and other complete sets of flexible packaging printing processing equipment manufacturers. Since its inception, the company has realized the concept of "providing customers with quality and satisfactory products and services" with the spirit of continuous innovation and development, adhered to the business purpose of "winning with quality, trustworthy and mutually beneficial", and followed the path of learning, absorption, integration and innovation in product development. The company has made a qualitative leap and improvement in register accuracy, printing speed, energy saving and environmental protection, stability and reliability, and appearance, and is well received by customers. In the production and operation mode, the company focuses on the technical improvement of the products, firmly taking the road of high-end development, and through the standardization and intensive production, faithfully providing customers with accurate, reliable, high-quality, cost-effective, high-speed, efficient, high-tech products.


Science and technology is the first productive force, I have what others have, I have what others have, with the strong support of the group, our company "science and technology as the guide, quality as life, people-oriented, based on innovation" development strategy, invested special R & D funds to enter the field of high-end gravure printing machine and coating machine, successively developed a number of national patent technology, high-speed electronic axis gravure automatic color register printing machine, wide coating laminating machine, wide high-speed slitting machine, high-speed automatic computer quality inspection machine, ultra-thick furniture plate printing machine, printing and laminating coating machine and other series of products, with novel shape, superior performance, become the new darling of the national industry.


At present, China's high-speed electronic shaft design are certain problems: First, the transmission error is large, the general electronic shaft transmission form is fixed servo motor, spline sleeve and spline shaft with, gear and gear for power transmission (or with a pulley and spline shaft with), and then by the cylinder to promote the shaftless plate loading axis action, the cumulative error between their transmission will directly affect the electronic shaft color accuracy; Second, the noise is large. At present, the domestic high-speed electronic shaft gravure printing machine due to the use of gear with transmission technology, in 200 ~ 400m/min printing speed operation state will produce a large noise, wear and tear is also large; third is the transmission gap wear, because there is a spline set with the spline shaft, gear and gear transmission gap error between the gear and the spline shaft with the transmission part, so there are multi-level wear, and wear to a certain extent will affect the overprinting accuracy. Fourth, it is easy to fly ink phenomenon, as we all know, when the gravure printing machine in 200 ~ 400m / min high-speed printing, if there is no good solution, will occur the fly ink serious, easy to jam the shaftless loading axis. These four bottlenecks have long plagued the development of high-speed printing presses in China.


In response to these problems, "Deli Printing Machine" abandoned all the domestic electronic shaft design inherent technical thinking, after years of technical research, successfully developed and obtained the national invention patent of "Slip-on (fish rod-like) shaftless plate loading transmission mechanism": First, the shaftless plate The second is that the long-standing problems of flying ink and ink jamming in the shaftless plate loading system are finally solved; the third is the adoption of the gapless drive plate loading device, which has obtained the utility model national patent "gapless drive plate loading device "Fourth, the traditional electronic shaft gravure printing machine "gear and spline shaft cooperation" is canceled, truly realizing the gapless transmission, completely eliminating the above-mentioned problems, the mechanical accuracy of the electronic shaft, color registration accuracy and durability, control of flying ink, etc. It completely eliminates the problems mentioned above and raises the mechanical accuracy, color registration accuracy and durability of the electronic shaft and controls the flying ink to a new height and makes it a perfect solution, which has won the national invention patent and become the only domestic manufacturer of electronic shaft gravure printing machine with gapless transmission and is appreciated by the majority of customers.


At present, there are five companies using our "Deli Printer" electronic shaft high-end users with six sets of equipment, one in Guangzhou, one in Shenzhen, two in Zhongshan, one in Jiangmen, Guangdong, and one in Hungary. It is worth mentioning that "Deli Printing Machine" can be favored in Europe, where there are many strong equipment countries and advanced industrial technology, and users come from far away to China to choose Deli, which is not only the powerful charm of our motherland, but also our continuous development and innovation, the application of advanced technology, boldly trying to develop on the electronic axis printing machine. Taking the road not taken by our predecessors, we have touched the Europeans with our wisdom and actual performance and attracted them to choose our products.


In 2008, we won the tender for the coating machine of a company under Wuliangye for the coating of aluminum. In 2009, we manufactured a wet coating machine for a company in Hubei for the coating of cigarette packs, and in 2010, we produced a double-sided coating machine for a company in Suzhou, and in the same year, we also produced many water pine paper printing machines for companies in Hubei, Guangdong and Jilin.


Eagerly seeking, tireless, thick and thin, winning with quality, trustworthy and mutually beneficial - this is "Deli printing machine". In the smokeless economic battlefield, we provide products at the same time, pay more attention to the after-sales service and technical support, our company proposes: when the production and after-sales service contradiction, production to give way, anxious for the customer's anxiety, all to create more value for the customer as the core, and get the majority of customers agree. In the past eight years, we have provided services for: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Watson's, Wal-Mart, TESCO UK, Disney, Nike, Wuliangye, China Banknote Anti-Counterfeiting, Jianlibao, Nongfushanquan, Epsom, Yibao, Danone, Haitian, Garinshan, Rizquan, 24 Flavor, Red Bull, Grape Fit, Hidden Snow, Bao Min Li, Le Cordon Bleu, Danone, Le Pak, Master Kong, Heinz, Hutchison Whampoa, Lee Kum Kee, Sealed Air Jin Jia, Libai, Shasta, Willows, Zhongshun Paper, Zhongshan Jinli Bao, Zhuhai Zhongfu ......... and other enterprises to provide equipment and quality services for their famous brand products.


Among them, the high-speed electronic shaft "Deli" printing machine developed by independent innovation in 2007 has reached and exceeded the advanced level of the same industry. Under the care and leadership of the board of directors of the group, the company has developed rapidly, and the annual output value has grown rapidly from less than 10 million RMB to nearly 80 million RMB in 2010, and will continue to grow this year, and the company has grown into one of the key pillar enterprises in China's printing and packaging machinery industry. In August 2006, "Deli Printing Machine" passed the international ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification; over the years, it was awarded "5A" level China credit enterprise certification system demonstration unit by China Internet News Center; "Deli Printing Machine" has been repeatedly awarded the " In 2010, the company was included in the quality enterprise growth project (Dragon Project) by Shunde District, Guangdong Province, and received support from the government in various aspects; in August 2011, the company was awarded the In August 2011, the company was awarded the "Famous New Products of Machinery and Electricity"; in September 2011, the company was awarded the "Famous Brand of Guangdong Province". Today's quality, tomorrow's market, advanced technology, process means, in the same industry at home and abroad has been widely recognized appreciation, October 18, 2010, the Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute according to the national standard GB5226.1-2008 and the Ministry standard JB/T5431-2006 on our "high-precision gapless drive electronic The test results show that all the indicators of the inspected items meet the requirements of national and ministerial standards, and are significantly better than the standard JB/T5431-2006, and the performance indicators reach the domestic leading level. In the test report, 18μm×850mm BOPP substrate, the highest printing speed of 250m/min, longitudinal register accuracy of 0.073mm, horizontal register accuracy of 0.063mm, the scrap length of 80m from start-up to register, and the scrap length of automatic pick-up of 11.50m, these four items greatly exceed the current technical level of domestic gravure printing machine.


Planting a tree with deep heart, the dark fragrance will come. "Deli Printing Machine" gives full play to its advantages in production, trade, scientific research, management, market, talents and marketing network, and has introduced various vertical and horizontal machining centers, large gantry milling machines, surface grinders, high-precision gear hobbing machines and other high, precise and advanced equipment in recent years on the basis of its original strong mechanical processing means, and has strengthened its In recent years, we have introduced various vertical and horizontal machining centers, large gantry milling machines, surface grinders, high-precision hobbing machines and other high, precise and advanced equipment, and strengthened our production and testing capabilities, and improved and perfected our quality assurance system, laying a good foundation for producing high-quality equipment.


According to the spirit of "scientific development, independent innovation, improvement of institutional mechanism, and promotion of social harmony" in the national "12th Five-Year Plan", "Deli Printing Machine" has clearly realized that the enterprise must take a leap forward. This year, we will invest RMB150 million to build a new plant and purchase new equipment, and will move in on January 1, 2012, when many new large precision machining centers will be put into use. It will create more favorable conditions for creating "high-quality Deli". Deli people are taking every step to make Deli Machinery become a famous brand in the same industry and a socially responsible Chinese brand-name product, to speed up the march towards an internationally competitive equipment manufacturing industry and to achieve leap-forward development of the enterprise.