Printing machine routine maintenance: printing machine maintenance and maintenance knowledge

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Printing machine routine maintenance: printing machine maintenance and maintenance knowledge
Abstract: The structure of the printing machine is complex and there are many parts, to ensure the normal operation of the printing machine, the daily maintenance and repair of the printing machine is very necessary. So how to maintain the printing machine? Here to see the printing machine maintenance and maintenance knowledge.

【Press maintenance】Printing machine routine maintenance Printing machine maintenance and maintenance knowledge

Printing machines have a complex structure, many parts, and high processing accuracy requirements. In order to make the machine work in good condition for a long time, the maintenance work is very important.

1、Maintenance of important parts of the printing machine:

(1) the cylinder maintenance and maintenance. Mainly including the plate cylinder, rubber cylinder, impression cylinder maintenance and maintenance. Printing three cylinders is the main body of the printing press, is to determine the quality of printing important parts, to prevent it from producing "hard" to avoid surface rolling deflated, bent axis deformation and other phenomena. During use, it must be carefully protected from paper or foreign objects such as screws, washers, pins, springs, bearings, tools, etc. that may roll into the cylinder.

(2) the transmission gear maintenance and maintenance. Between the rollers drive gear manufacturing accuracy, installation accuracy and adjustment of the use of aspects such as printing quality (such as gear bar, heavy shadow, overprint inaccuracy, etc.) have a very close impact. Therefore, special attention and care should be paid in the daily maintenance. Prevent dust, garbage, paper and hard things rolling people to avoid damage to the teeth; in high-speed machines generally use dripping oil lubrication, the operator should always check whether the oil circuit is smooth, keep the tooth surface clean; adhere to the correct operation method to reduce the wear and tear of the gears, etc.

(3) register and handover device maintenance. Register and handover device is to pass the paper and ensure the accuracy of the register parts, should always be neat and intact, the bite force of the bite teeth should be uniform and appropriate, often check the paper chain pin and adjusting screws to prevent loose, broken phenomenon, to avoid accidents.

(4) the maintenance of paper components. Loose parts on the paper transmission device damage, not only affect the accuracy of paper transmission, increasing the rate of scrap, but also, often easy because the loose fracture of the residue with the paper rollers, and cause major accidents. Therefore, for these parts must be regularly checked, found damaged phenomenon immediately replaced, found a screw and other loose phenomenon, must be immediately tightened.

(5) bearing maintenance. In the high-speed offset printing machine, in order to adapt to the needs of high-speed operation, ink rollers to rolling bearings as the shaft support. These bearings, often easy to be ink stains, splashes of medicine, and not easy to clean and lubricate. If you do not do a good job of maintenance, easy to produce bite to break phenomenon, and even after the breakage of the ball down, rolling bad machine. Therefore, the bearings should be coated with new grease every week to maintain good lubrication of the bearings. Inspection and maintenance operators should be diligent in observing any abnormalities, especially in the operation of a listening to the sound of any abnormalities, two touch the bearing is not hot, three look at the fasteners are not loose, to develop a good habit of caring for the equipment, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of machine failure, once in the event of equipment failure, immediately stop and timely inspection and maintenance and record archives.

(6) Correct commissioning. A newly installed printing machine, after the correct commissioning of the executive body of these data size is very accurate, but after a period of time or after the failure of the reinstallation, these data may appear large or small errors. The operator has to make secondary changes and adjustments to this part of the dimensional data. Therefore, the operator should be familiar with the technical specifications of the equipment operated by the commissioning requirements, commissioning methods, commissioning data, inspection methods. Commissioning in strict accordance with technical specifications and steps.

2、Care and maintenance of electrical parts

Carefully read the electrical schematic diagram of the equipment and related documents to master the principle of the electrical and control system of the equipment. Identify the location of the electrical components and the correct technical data:

(1) Modern printing machines have applied computer technology and microelectronics to achieve centralized digital control. The electrical system is the control center of the machine. It includes the main control cabinet, the console and a large number of peripheral sensors and electrical actuators. Problems in any one of them will cause the system to fail to work. Therefore, the maintenance of the electrical system is particularly important.

(2) The environmental factors that lead to the failure of the electrical system include: temperature, humidity (including material humidity), dust and electromagnetic interference, etc. The working environment in which the equipment is located. High temperature will accelerate the aging of electrical components. Workshop temperature should be held at 22-25 ℃. Humidity: normal humidity should be maintained at 50%-70% is appropriate. Too high humidity will form condensation on the electrical appliances, leading to rust and corrosion and can cause short circuit. If the workshop is dusty, a cleaning device must be installed and the surface of the electrical components should be cleaned in time.

(3) Electromagnetic interference: The installation location of the printing machine should be far away from high-voltage transformers and other strong electromagnetic radiation equipment. Strong electromagnetic fields can interfere with the normal operation of the electrical system.

(4) the electrical part of the wearing parts such as electromagnetic switches, travel switches, differential clutch controller circuit board, DC power supply rectifier bridge, sensors and photoelectric receivers, transmitters, etc. are electrical wearing parts. Equipment out of the first time cut off the power supply, by the professional electrical personnel to repair and investigation, non-professional personnel are strictly prohibited to blindly repair operation.

(5) operating buttons to light, prohibit tapping the operating panel, daily maintenance components to be careful, the surface of the dust dust cleaning, do not use sharp objects to scratch the components, do not allow the use of damp rags to wipe the circuit board and exposed components. And often keep the electrical cabinet dry and ventilated. The last thing to emphasize is that the printing workshop to have good exhaust devices, must prevent the volatilization of flammable substances caused by high air concentration, accidents, this is very important.