Features of rotary printing machine: Safety operating procedures for rotary printing machine

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Abstract: The web offset press is mainly used for printing color magazines, high-grade commercial advertisements, high-grade promotional materials, pictorials, etc. It is a kind of web offset press. Below, learn about the knowledge of rotary printing machine classification, rotary printing machine characteristics, rotary printing machine safety operating procedures. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market, including: 1) commercial rotary printing presses using web paper, suitable for paper thickness below 105g thin paper. 2) rotary printing machine printing speed is very high, the average speed of 50,000 impressions per hour, while the general sheet offset printing machine printing speed is 10,000 or less, and rotary

Features of rotary printing machine: Safety operating procedures for rotary printing machine

Abstract: The web offset press is mainly used for printing color magazines, high-grade commercial advertisements, high-grade promotional materials, pictorials, etc. It is a kind of web offset press. Below, learn about the classification of rotary printing presses, the characteristics of rotary printing presses, and the knowledge of rotary printing press safety operating procedures.


【Rotary printing machine】Rotary printing machine features Rotary printing machine safety operating procedures

Features of rotary printing machine

1, commercial rotary presses use web paper, suitable for paper thickness below 105g thin paper.

2, the rotary machine printing speed is very high, the average speed of 50,000 sheets per hour, while the general speed of the sheet offset printing machine is 10,000 or less, and the rotary machine is printed on both sides at the same time, while the sheet machine is printed on one side, and then flip printing after the ink is basically dry.

3, the wonderful thing about the rotary machine is also that the printed sheet is quickly dried and disconnected after printing, directly according to the different binding method to fold out the page.

4, the rotary press is suitable for large print runs and short lead times for printed materials, like magazines, supermarket discount books, etc. 

Rotary printing presses are constructed differently according to the substrate, and the price varies greatly. There are special printing newspaper, special printing stickers, and printing documents, etc., and our company's rotary machine belongs to the high-grade commercial rotary machine (model is Heidelberg M600-C24), front and back four-color printing at the same time, is special printing high-grade periodicals, but also can print color textbooks and color inserts of newspapers.

Classification of rotary printing machines

Rotary presses are divided into commercial rotary presses and newspaper rotary presses. Commercial presses are generally printing units arranged horizontally, that is, horizontal feeding paper printing, and newspaper presses are generally printing towers arranged, that is, vertical feeding paper printing.

Safety operating procedures for rotary printing machines

1、Purpose and principle

(1) Purpose: To raise employees' awareness of safe production, guide them to operate machines correctly, eliminate hidden dangers or take remedial measures in a timely manner, and ensure the safety of equipment and persons as well as the normal production and operation of the company.

(2) Principle: Safety first, prevention first


This document applies to the operating safety range of offset rotary printing presses


(1) The deputy director of workshop equipment is responsible for the guidance, training and overall safety work of the workshop.

(2) The foreman and machine manager are responsible for the standard operation, safety awareness education and supervision of the safety work of the personnel in their respective teams.

(3) The machine manager is responsible for the training and guidance of the safety operation of the machine personnel.

4、Safety Education

(1) The workshop should conduct regular safety ideology, safety technology education for employees, enhance safety awareness to ensure safe production.

(2) deputy director of equipment, the chief is responsible for team-level safety education (including job safety operating procedures, job accident cases and preventive and protective measures, safety equipment, insurance facilities and the use of personal protective equipment) and make training records.

(3) new, transfer, off duty for more than three months staff to return to the post to re-conduct the department, shift safety education, examination before passing before starting work.

5、Security Check

(1) The safety inspection should be based on checking the system, management, site, hidden danger and safety facilities as the main content, while checking the deadline for rectification.

(2) workshop equipment deputy director of daily work should be staff safety operation inspection at any time, found illegal operation should be immediately stopped, and the illegal operation of personnel safety training, until the problem is completely corrected, and timely records.

6、Safety operation instructions.

(1) The operator should establish the idea of safety first, in order to prevent the occurrence of accidental personal and machine accidents, the operator must fully grasp the performance and structure of the rotating machine in advance.

(2) The operator should concentrate and concentrate during work. Machine operation should be checked before all safety devices are reliable, do not forget tools, wipes or other things on the machine or console; offset printing manual

(3) the host power switch (on the main electrical cabinet) ring for 3 seconds (at this time the lube oil pump motor is energized for 3 seconds for pre-lubrication, air compressor running at the same time) power on, so when press "positive point", "anti-point" " low speed" or "running" button, the bell will ring for 3 seconds first, and then press the same button again within 30 seconds, the machine will have corresponding operation immediately, so the operator should disengage from the rotating part in time when he hears the bell.

(4) machine operation should often observe the oil window, check the lubrication on the oil situation.

(5) machine operation process such as the need to stop, should be "work stop" should not be easily pressed "stop lock" parking, otherwise easy to damage the insurance.

(6) no emergency should not press the "reverse point" button, maintenance and commissioning, such as the need to press the "reverse point" button, the folding machine must be fully disconnected from the transmission, otherwise it will damage the machine parts.

(7) when the machine is in operation, never allow scrubbing printing cylinder and touch other running parts; only when the machine is at a standstill or crawling state to scrub the printing cylinder, loading plate loading rubber should be pressed "positive point" button, unloading plate, unloading rubber according to the reverse point button.

(8) the electrical box in the program controller program has been compiled by the manufacturer, do not change at will.

(9) adjusting the machine or manual pan car should be near the stop lock button pressed.

(10) The operator's work clothes should not be equipped with tools, coins, keys and other items in the pocket, so as not to operate on the machine, the items will fall into the machine.

(11) Always keep the rolling surface of the shoulder iron clean and lubricated.

(12) If the machine is stopped for more than 4 hours and then started, it must run at low speed and no load before normal use.

Special reminder.

1、Press the electric bell before running the machine to make sure it is safe before running, and should check whether there are tools and parts left on the machine to avoid damaging the machine and causing safety accidents.

2、The safety cover and protective facilities on the machine shall not be removed or damaged to ensure that the safety bar is sensitive and reliable.

3, not allowed to wear slippers to work, wear work clothes when working, to achieve civilized operation.

4、Check whether the oil level is up to standard before going to work, and fill the transmission parts with lubricant according to the regulations.

5、Prohibit the operation of people other than the machine manager and a helper. When operating the machine, the mind should be concentrated, no jokes, jostling, reading books, newspapers, and do not do things not related to work.

6、Keep the appearance of the equipment clean, neatly arranged around the equipment, keep the environment neat and clean, civilized production.

7、When drilling into the machine to overhaul and adjust the machine, there should be one person on the side to monitor, to cut off the power supply, hanging warning signs.

8、When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to use cloth to wipe the plate, wipe the rubber cloth, when two people operate together, to cooperate well.

9, the machine has a major equipment failure, to protect the scene in time to report the relevant departments, informal electricians, are not allowed to operate or repair electrical facilities, non-machine personnel without permission, do not arbitrarily open the machine.

10、Carefully fill in the equipment maintenance records.