China's first fully automated aluminum cone core panel production line was born in Guangdong Deli Group

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China's first fully automated aluminum cone core panel production line was born in Guangdong Deli Group

     Recently, China's first fully-automatic aluminum cone core board production line, which was awarded three national invention patents, one software copyright and eight utility model patents, was successfully developed by Guangdong Shunde Deli Printing Machinery Co. A collection of "aluminum composite panel, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, stone" four major building decoration plate advantages, while avoiding the four major building decoration plate advantages, while avoiding the four major plate shortcomings, with "low-carbon, health, environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, coating process, pollution-free, recyclable "The new all-aluminum structure building materials ------ aluminum cone core plate is born, which will bring revolutionary changes for curtain wall and interior and exterior decoration materials.

       Smart Connectivity - Industry 4.0 - Automated production line for aluminum cone core panels:

  1. More personalized and intelligent connectivity:The interconnection of people and machines and products is a central tool for increasing flexibility, speeding up processes and mastering the product process. By preparing information for the front and back processes, our production lines enable more intuitive operation guidance so that people are always at the heart of the value-added process. We realize the need for digitization, networking, and intelligence, and build a service system based on massive data collection, aggregation, and analysis.

  2. Fully automatic online quality control system:The high precision inspection probe detects the thickness of each section of finished product in real time, and automatically corrects the sheet error by computer, saving the time of repeated adjustment by workers and greatly reducing the generation of scrap. Through the function correction value of the computer, the error range of the sheet can be controlled stably and the product accuracy can be controlled at all times. Intelligent equipment maintenance management: through preventive online data analysis and early warning, it helps maintenance technicians to arrange some important preventive maintenance measures in advance to prevent downtime: on the other hand, through intelligent scheduling of preventive maintenance, companies can have sufficient time to prepare for equipment upgrade or renewal.

  3. Energy saving and environmental protection:The core board of aluminum cone core metal panel forms an air channel between the panel and the back panel, which is a hollow panel system. Under the action of solar radiation, the air in the channel heats up and flows upward to carry away heat, which has heat insulation performance. In cold areas, the upper and lower ends of the corrugated channels are sealed to store heat during the day under sunlight to reduce the loss of indoor heating heat and have heat insulation properties.

  4. High leveling:Aluminum composite panel is not suitable for large panel curtain wall project because of the thin thickness of aluminum panel and small bearing capacity after folding; aluminum veneer is poor in overall flatness after installation of unit parts made by sheet metal and spraying; aluminum honeycomb panel has better flatness of outer surface, but the high price limits the use of such products. And aluminum cone core aviation board surface has super high surface flatness, which makes the project elevation decorated by this product have good flatness and beautiful appearance.