Thirteen-colour film, paper and foil (mechanical axis) double take-up and double release gravure printing machine


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1. Main features
- Mechanical shaft drive.
- Number of printing colours: 13 colours
Note: 1. Can be combined as two machines: 7+6, 8+5, 9+4, 10+3.
          2. Can also be used as a front and back printing machine with a total of thirteen colours
- Fourteen motor frequency conversion control, eight stages of floating roller tension control, man-machine interface operation.
- Shaftless air top loading.
- Three-dimensional adjustable squeegee device, double-axis double-cylinder squeegee to adapt to a variety of plate diameters and different processes of printing production.
- Double-station high-speed non-stop automatic pick-up.
- Vertical and horizontal automatic colour registration, high precision pre-registration and quick correction of plate alignment errors.
- PLC control, man-machine interface operation.
- Hot air drying oven suitable for a variety of heat sources, adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust system with high efficiency drying capacity, separate extractor fan to discharge exhaust air to the main extractor duct, low residual solvent, with high efficiency drying effect.
- Shutdown to maintain tension.
- Electric, air energy, natural gas, bio-energy, heat-conducting oil, steam and other heating methods can be selected.

2、Main technical parameters
- Maximum printing speed: 120-150m/min
- Material adaptation width: 380-1000mm
- Printing plate diameter: φ105-300mm
- Integrated colour register accuracy: ±0.1mm
- Number of printing colours: 13 colours
Note: 1. Can be combined as two machines: 7+6, 8+5, 9+4, 10+3.
          2. 13 colours can also be printed on the front and back

3. Main printing materials
- Mainly suitable for printing on BOPP, CPP, PET, PVC, Nylon, PE film, aluminium foil, paper rolls, etc.

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