Film - paper - laminated film - aluminized film: High-speed slitting machines



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Main features:
● Frequency conversion drive of the main machine motor
● Unwind tension with magnetic powder brake, semi-automatic tension control
● Semi-automatic tension control with magnetic powder clutch for winding
● Automatic meter counting
● Round knife and flat knife configuration
● Automatic deflection correction for unwinding

Main technical parameters:
● Maximum mechanical speed: 250 m/min
● Max. width of coil: 1300 mm
Maximum diameter of unwinding coil : φ600 mm
Max. winding diameter: φ450 mm
● Slitting width range: 50-1300 mm
● Deflection error: < ±1 mm
● Overall machine power: 7 kW
● Overall dimensions: (L×W×H) 3150×1950×1460mm

Applicable substrates:
● BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, paper, laminated film, aluminized film, etc.

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