Paper printing and coating machine for thin film electrochemical aluminium films
  • Paper printing and coating machine for thin film electrochemical aluminium films

Paper printing and coating machine for thin film electrochemical aluminium films

This machine is suitable for two-colour forward printing (coating) and one forward and one reverse printing (coating) on rolls of material.



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Main features:                  
● This machine is suitable for two-colour positive printing (coating) and one-colour positive and one-colour negative printing (coating) of rolled materials.
● Production process: single-station unwinding → corona → first colour positive (negative) printing (coating) → drying → second colour positive printing (coating) → drying in long drying channel → air cooling → humidification → water cooling → traction → single-station winding and other processes are completed at once, ensuring efficient and stable production, and also achieving the effect of reducing material loss.
● The whole machine adopts the Japanese Mitsubishi tension control system.
● Traction roller, printing roller and coating roller pressure are controlled by pneumatic components.
● The three-dimensional adjustable pneumatic back pressure squeegee is used, and the pressure can be adjusted at will. The reciprocating oscillation of the squeegee and the plate blowing mechanism effectively eliminate the printing knife fillet.
● Adopt nozzle type hot air and far-infrared ceramic heater circulation fast exhaust arc type sealed double layer structure oven and a positive coating independent oven, pneumatic top opening oven, positive and negative printing finished drying in one time, and can realize the secondary use of heat energy up to 50%, reduce energy consumption.
● Digital display of temperature in each zone and precise automatic control.
● The whole machine parameters are set through the touch screen HMI, and the PLC controls the inverter and motor, thus realising automatic control of the main machine speed and tension, and monitoring the working status of the whole machine.
The machine is designed with the integration of machine, electricity and gas, so it has complete safety protection function and can intelligently identify the working status of the machine and judge the fault.
● The whole machine adopts active synchronization mechanism for printing, coating and drying oven, and realizes automatic synchronization control.
● The whole machine is controlled automatically by computer.
● The winding tension is controlled by non-linear taper tension to ensure that the winding rolls are free from distortion and the photoelectric automatic deflection correction system ensures that the winding rolls are neatly finished.
● New type of plate loading is efficient and effective, and prevents the problem of colour registration caused by the axial plate loading structure.
● Toluene concentration alarm.
● PLC control with centralised touch screen control;
● Optional heating methods such as electricity, air energy, natural gas, bio-energy, heat-conducting oil and steam.                
Main technical parameters:                     
● Maximum printing width of the substrate: 60-1600mm
● Coating volume: 0.5 - 1.5g/m2
● Maximum mechanical speed: 150m/min
● Printing/coating speed: 60 - 150m/min
● Cylinder diameter: Φ120 mm - Φ270mm
Maximum cylinder width: 1700mm
Unwind and rewind diameter: max. Φ 1000 mm 
● Unwinding and winding core: 3"
Maximum oven temperature: 230°C
Length of drying tunnel: 24 m (or according to customer's process requirements)               
Main applications:                        
● Suitable for film, electrochemical aluminium film, paper, etc.
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